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Commercial Playground Equipment

New Release "Peppermint Palace" Commercial Playground Equipment

Peppermint Palace Playground Equipment

Peppermint Palace – stand out from the crowd!

Peppermint Palace outdoor kids playground

Commercial playgrounds for active kids

(L x W x H)
7326 x 3228 x 3810 $7,897

This playground will whisk your children away to a land full of gum drops and peppermint sticks. The colour scheme is criss-crossing green and grey in the style of a peppermint stick. The shapes are round and soft alluding to chewy, gummy candy. When the eyes of a small child see this playground it will instantly draw them in. They will see everything they associate with goodness and they’ll be sure to come running. Rest easy and let them get there ahead of you. Cubbykraft Australia designs these sets for fun and safety. The Pepperming Palace playground is everything you want out of a play space.

The materials are durable. The set is made out of plastic and steel. You won’t have to worry about splinters, chipping wood or rotting beams. The plastic responds to impact and will keep your child safe from bruises and bumps. This is an investment in the future. The materials will last and many children of all ages will be able to enjoy the Peppermint Palace Playground for years to come. Adults will exchange stories about playing on the set as they watch their own children play.  Everyone will have heaps of fun in this safe and durable environment.

This set was made for the adventurous. There is a tube hallway that turns into a covered slide. It is the perfect place for your child to hide during games. They’ll also be hiding from that unrelenting sun. There are hand grips above the dual racing slides. Contestants can hold onto the grips and wait for the signal. They will giggle, race and stay safe on this ride because the slides diverge at the bottom. Each child will go his own direction and will avoid collision. The Peppermint Palace Playground is the perfect fusion of fun and safety.

The Peppermint Palace Playground has dimensions of 7326 x 3228 x 3810. It is a long playground that does not stand very far off the ground. It is perfect for those little ones in kindy. The whole playground is contained with tubing and rails to keep the children safe inside the imagination machine. They can dream they are in candy land and appoint a king and queen. They can hold races for the enjoyment of the gum drop royalty and plan daring escapes through the tunnels from the invading candy armies. Keep the children safe from bumps, bruises and the sun with this imaginative and attractive set.

Peppermint Palace $7,897.00

''Peppermint Palace''

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